Lost red Nikon Coolpix camera: $300 reward

Lost red Nikon Coolpix camera: $300 rewardI saw this flyer on the wall of the Goodbye Blue Monday and nearly gasped, I felt so bad for Allison. 

It’s always best to transfer/copy photos from your camera’s media card ASAP to someplace else (computer, online storage, etc) but it’s a common mistake, just like not backing up one’s hard drive regularly.  And most of us have made one or both mistakes.

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  1. I see corrupted flash drives, corrupted media cards, and dead hard drives on an almost daily basis. Two handy pieces of advice when it comes to digital media: If it doesn’t exist in three places, it doesn’t exist, and there is no such thing as permanent storage.

    I hope Allison finds her camera!

    June 25, 2011

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