12 thoughts on “LoGro straw poll: Will State goverment shut down this week?”

  1. Griff,

    Government shutdown is a misnomer. Government isn’t shutting down – rather there isn’t money appropriated for any spending, which isn’t really true because the courts have already ruled that the legislature can’t withhold appropriations for “core” functions.

    And, of course, the government is not going to “shut down” from collecting taxes and fees.

    1. I think we’ll see that it is, indeed, a government shut-down, and a major pain in the behind besides.

    2. With Judge Gearin’s ruling from yesterday, which I doubt will be appealed, the work stoppage appears to be limited rather than wide-spread. Depending upon how the resources are allocated, it might play into the Legislature’s hands. Regardless, starting tomorrow, we will be governed by an unelected “special master” unless the Legislature passes a bill that the governor will sign or it gets enough votes to override his veto.

      1. The govt might as well shut down, given that they have chased a lot of people to the bordering states for the holiday and more…and given the ill will they have bred for themselves…both sides…for goodness sake…we vote for people who cannot work together any better than this so no one profits and everyone falls within the areas of concern.

      2. Please keep in mind, though, that there are actual people who will be laid off (i.e., no longer earning an income) as a result of the shut down.

      3. David,

        That is certainly a consideration. Then again, public sector employees are about 3 years behind the private sector employees in terms of layoffs.

      4. That’s actually not true. State and local governments across the country have been shedding jobs for about a year and a half now. The federal stimulus delayed that for some public sector folks, but certainly not everyone in the public sector.

        In any event, the state shutdown does have a real effect on state employees, including someone in my own household. So, the discussion is more than just theoretical from my perspective.

      5. David B- You bring up a valid point. We need to remember that the “government” is not some faceless entity. The cut-off of funding affects anyone whose income relies or partially relies on the State paying for the services they provide. These are real people with real bills and financial commitments. What would be nice is to cut off the governor and legislature. They are the ones who haven’t gotten their job done, but we won’t have a chance for that until Nov. of 2012

      6. David B.,

        I know many people will be affected by the government slowdown. While we don’t know the facts on the slowdown, I have to believe that more people would have been employed if the governor had signed the budget bill.

    3. David L- Actually, there are some fees that will not be collected. If a person does not have their fishing license yet, that will not be available July 1. I haven’t heard for sure what is happeniong with the DMV, but there was concern that drivers’ licenses and plate tab renewals would not be available, either.

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