Tobacco competitors encroaching on City of Northfield’s revenue stream; budget implications loom

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The City of Northfield has had the exclusive franchise on selling tobacco downtown for quite a while. Yes, you can buy cigars and cigarettes at the Muni.

Six months ago, Tobacco Field opened near downtown on So. Hwy 3. And now, Division Tobacco is coming to Division St. Nfld Patch: Legal restrictions force councilors to allow downtown tobacco shop

In a near legally mandated vote, councilors approved 5-2 to allow a business owner with a history of criminal disputes and stores that sold drug paraphernalia to open a new shop in Northfield.

Councilors Rhonda Pownell and Kris Vohs voted against the measure despite city attorney Chris Hood’s claim that Northfield "[does not] have sufficient basis to deny" a license and risked legal action if it denied the license.

With tough budgeting on the horizon for the City, I’m wondering what Muni manager Stephen DeLong has in mind to ratchet up tobacco revenue.

Let’s help him out by brainstorming some suggestions.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    The Muni could sell candy cigarettes to parents for their kids.

    July 9, 2011
  2. Michelle Hawkins said:

    There’s only one way to garner the market in tobacco; sell below EVERYONE elses prices.
    Do that and we will beat down a well worn path to the door.
    I never understood why anyone would go to the muni(I have but only on occasion) when Firehouse liquor is better priced.
    Civic mindedness ends when the economy intrudes.

    July 9, 2011
  3. Jennifer Torgrimson said:

    I don’t know why people would buy tobacco at a liquor store anyway. That’s like buying your juice or pop there…it’s marked up (cheaper to go to the grocery store). It’s also not really true to say that’s the only place to get them. Every gas station also sells them, as do most grocery stores; both are less expensive than purchasing at a liquor store. That means there are already seven places within a mile of downtown that sell them. And as far as selling at a lower price than everyone else, it’s my understanding that there are state laws that mandate the lowest price at which they may be sold (but someone who knows more than I should comment on that).

    July 9, 2011
  4. john george said:

    Griff- Candy cigarettes? Do you think that would sweeten the deal?

    July 9, 2011
  5. audrey hamann said:

    where on division is this going to be?

    July 21, 2011
  6. Griff Wigley said:

    Audrey, Division Tobacco will open at the corner of 5th and Division, where Hodge Podge Antiques used to be.

    July 22, 2011

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