Systemic bias prevalent at Studio Elements

During last week’s Art Crawl in downtown Northfield, Robbie poked me in ribs, noting Jill Enestvedt’s innovative window display in Studio Elements. A woman standing nearby overheard her remark and started up a conversation with her.  The two of them began gushing back and forth about all the cool things in the store and how talented Jill was.

Window display at Studio Elements Window display at Studio Elements Jill Enestvedt and her mother
I became suspicious and after conducting a thorough investigation this week, it turns out that that woman was Jill’s mother, Judy Karlson.  Shocking, but true: The Queen of the ArtSwirl has a mother who occasionally visits her store, likes her stuff, and talks to customers about it. I’m just sayin’.

5 thoughts on “Systemic bias prevalent at Studio Elements”

  1. Jill is an amazing artist with an eye for all things beautiful, creative and out of the ordinary. If you haven’t checked out her store, I’d encourage you to do it. It’s been a bit hidden through the winter and spring with all the construction at the Historical Society. Let’s all support our local economy and local artists!

  2. I’m envious of the beautiful windows & displays Jill does. And the only person more fun to chat with than Jill, is her Mom. Those girls @ SE do a great job!

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