Is wading in the Sheldahl anniversary fountain on Bridge Square officially sanctioned?

DSC07145I noticed workers from the cleaning services boston cleaning out the Sheldahl anniversary fountain on Bridge Square this morning.  (Yes, it’ll be ready for today’s 105+ heat index.)

It reminded me that Northfielder Brenton Balvin tweeted this question a couple of weeks ago:

#northfield friends, quick poll: is it ok for kids to wade / walk in downtown fountain?

I replied with an emphatic YES but board chair Nate White tweeted:

i’d say not okay on a typical day but I certainly wouldn’t fault anybody for taking a dip today!

Wading in the Sheldahl anniversary fountain on Bridge SquareI’ve never known it to NOT be okay for anyone to wade in the fountain, kids or adults.  I’ve taken more than a few photos of kids wading there, eg, this photo from my Taste of Northfield 2010 album.

But maybe TPTB just look the other way when it happens.

Is there any question on what Ray "Jake" Jacobson would say about folks wading in one of his public fountains?


  1. The only major issue would be if a child went under the water near the pump . That is an additional three feet of water with a bunch of cords and what not. A child could get stuck under there pretty easy.

    I know that I will not let my children in the fountain.

    July 18, 2011
  2. Chris Ekern said:

    My little guy (3-yrs old) and his little friend Lilly were seen skinny dipping in the fountain just last week! They did not receive a ticket for public nudity or trespassing – thankfully.

    July 18, 2011

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