20 thoughts on “Can you guess what’s coming to the Shops at 314 Division?”

  1. Griff – Here’s some things I’ll wish for… 1) River City Books coming back to life; 2) a cafe location for the Brick Oven Bakery; 3) a knitting/yarn store; or 4) music store (similar to Eastman in Faribault).

    By the way, when do we get to find out where the pizza oven is headed?

      1. Wow, that is a tough one between one and two. Either one of those would be nice, but based upon Griff’s comment, I am thinking it would not be #2.

        I am hoping River City Books comes back, but any of these choices would be great!

  2. Oh please please PLEASE let it be a knitting store. Every town should have one, and the closest decent one is 45 minutes away.

  3. Nfld Patch: Yarn Store to Open in Downtown Northfield

    Longtime knitter Cynthia Gilbertson is no stranger to having yarn inspire her to start something new. But since moving to Northfield two years ago she’s discovered something else: Sometimes another kind of fiber can inspire a new project.

    Gilbertson’s latest project, Northfield Yarn, a new yarn store due to open in September in a rear space of the building at 314 Division St., was inspired not just by the love of yarn but by the community of Northfield.

  4. … So, it turns out, the entire page is invisible if you aren’t allowing execution of scripts from an unrelated site I’d never heard of. Much more helpful now that I know there’s supposed to be something other than a blank page. 🙂

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