NHS: making public toilets matter

 Hayes Scriven & 'public restrooms inside' sign  installation of a 'public restrooms inside' sign at the NHS installation of a 'public restrooms inside' sign at the NHS installation of a 'public restrooms inside' sign at the NHS 'public restrooms inside' sign at the NHS
Hayes Scriven invited me to witness Bridgette from Graphic Mailbox do the installation of a ‘public restrooms inside’ sign on the door of the Northfield Historical Society this morning.

Why me? I’ve been whining about the need for public toilet signage when the toilets are paid for with public dollars, as is the case for the Archer House and now the NHS. So I had to go. Everything worked out in the end. What a relief.

Hopefully now the Downtown Streetscape Taskforce will do its part to make the changes to the wayfinding signs to point people to the public toilets at the Archer House, the NHS, and Public Library.

When that happens, like Dr. Humphrey C. Cornholt, it will give me "great pleasure to be able to release all that I’ve been holding inside me for so long."

9 thoughts on “NHS: making public toilets matter”

  1. Griff, now that you have reminded people about the ones at the Archer House, it may no longer be my own secret luxurious place to go when lines are long at the Cow. Drat. 🙂

  2. Griff, when the wayfinding signs were installed the public restroom icons were already there. That was before the Archer House project.

    NHS has long been a public restroom point in Northfield.

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