A billboard for the ethanol plant rolls into town

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Progressive Rail brought a flatbed rail car to Northfield this afternoon, decked out with a huge “Support Ethanol Production” banner. The flatbed is now parked in their Northfield rail yard adjacent to Hwy 19 between Malt-o-Meal and Kwik Trip.

A tip-of-the-blogger hat to Nick Benson for the photos and the story. Click to enlarge.

5 thoughts on “A billboard for the ethanol plant rolls into town”

  1. You should also go after Union Pacific and all of the other railroads that have their names printed on the sides of their train cars in large letters. They’re parked there all of the time, and they’re a real bother.

    It’s also worth noting that smaller versions of the same sign are on the sides of the Progressive Rail locomotives, which you can see in the first photo.

  2. It also seems to me a violation of lobbying laws, that they’re not registered wtih the Campaign Finance Board yet lobbying the township government for this, Progressive Rail, Doug Jones (check that Nfld News LTE today). Here’s the link for associations:
    Progressive Rail is not there, no Prairies to Power, search for others.
    Here’s the link for lobbyists:
    No Fellon, no Doug Jones… and doesn’t he live in Wheeling Twp, not Bridgewater? What’s he doing presenting to the Bridgewater Town Board? What specifically is his interest? Investor? These kinds of things must be out in the open!

  3. Thanks, Nick, for posting the “Prairies to Power” signs on the trains. Can anybody get a metro paper interested in this? Northfield News seems to be avoiding it.

    On “Let’s Talk Ethanol” this morning, Dave Fellon talked about working with the colleges–some “white paper” at St. Olaf? Anybody know what department might be receptive to corn ethanol? I’m hearing it is NOT biology.

    Campaign Finance Board referred me to Office of Administrative Hearings 612-341-7600. They sent a campaign complaint packet with 14 pages to review and my mind has just not been up to the task. Any volunteers?

    Thanks to Holly for the call-in question on impact on area wells. They don’t ask callers to say who they are, so I’m not sure of course.

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