It’s August. Time for a LoGro working sabbatical. Here’s how you can help.

sabbaticalLast August, I took the month off for my LoGro ‘sabbatical.’ This year, however, I’ve got some ideas for a ‘working sabbatical.’

My plan is to put aside 99% of my usual daily blogging of Northfield-related issues, people, photos, organizations and fluff so that I can do some experimentation.  Some of the experimentation will happen here on Locally Grown but some of it may occur elsewhere.

Rather than completely shutting down the blog and comments like last year, each week I’ll put up a What should Northfielders know about or discuss this week? blog post so that all of you can inform each other about whatever you think important and optionally discuss it in the comment thread attached to the post.  Upcoming community events? Yep. Local, state or national issues. Yep. Links to interesting stuff? Sure. Just make sure you abide by the Locally Grown Discussion Guidelines.

I won’t be at my normal morning corner office at GBM, but you can generally follow my early morning whereabouts on Foursquare.

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