Bottoms exposed at the Frog

  Barb Matz Froggy Bottoms Froggy Bottoms Bottoms Megan Proft
Barb Matz had her new mannequin morph, Froggy Bottoms’ Bottoms, unveiled at its permanent installation on the second river deck of Froggy Bottoms yesterday afternoon. Chief Bottoms handler Dave Hvistendahl did the unveiling. I managed to capture Northfield News reporter Megan Proft (right) who seemed to have a definite reaction to knowing she would be blogged.

Barb Matz’ s art studio, Right Brain Ventures, is visible in the window of the center photo. Click photos to enlarge.

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  1. Ross Currier said:


    Great picture of the Froggy patrons enjoying the absolutely perfect Minnesota weather yesterday.

    However, I think you’ve misidentified the lady with camera. I can’t remember her name but I’m pretty sure that she’s the Chair of the Profanities Commission and was documenting exposed Bottoms.


    September 1, 2007

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