Northfield Historical Society files a protest

 First National Bank Northfield First National Bank Northfield drive-thru
First National Bank Northfield put up banners on its downtown and drive-through bank locations last week, promoting its ATM services with a Jesse James theme. “Jesse James couldn’t get cash here but you can!”

The banners have prompted a protest from the Northfield Historical Society.  When the James-Younger gang attempted to rob the bank, it was located in the Scriver Building, current site of the NHS museum and restored bank site. 

NHS Executive Director Hayes ‘Gabby’ Scriver, great great grandson of Hiram Scriver, the merchant who built the Scriver Building in which the original bank was housed when the attempted robbery happened, has filed a protest with the the Northfield Arts and Culture Commission, now back from Sturgis.

We object to their banners because they mislead the public into thinking the bank raid happened at their location instead of ours. It’s a gross misuse of the word ‘here’ and we think the banners should be removed. Besides, the typo on the drive-through banner is an embarrassment to all the English majors who live in the area.

The bank is sticking to its guns. First National Bank board member Jennifer Younger, great great granddaughter of gang member Cole Younger, shot back:

We think they’re being petty. After all, if it wasn’t for us and our brave employees, they wouldn’t exist.

Local attorney Lance Pitts, great great grandson of gang member Charlie Pitts, has been asked to mediate the dispute.

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