The Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge, brought to you by Michelob Golden Light Draft on behalf of DJJD

DJJD banner on Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge DJJD banner on Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge DJJD banner in Ames Park
I drove by the Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge on Hwy 3 this morning and noticed that there was a banner hanging from it. I couldn’t read it from the highway but upon closer inspection, saw that it was promoting advanced DJJD ticket sales.  For what?  It doesn’t say, but I assume for the rodeo, to be held in the adjacent arena in Babcock Park.

I’m fine with the DJJD banner in Ames Park (right photo) since it’s just informative and that corner of the park has been traditionally used to promote non-profit community events using wholesale signs fabricators.  And I’m fine with Michelob Golden Light Draft and others (in this case, Econofoods and Community Resource Bank) sponsoring DJJD on their banners.  But I don’t think City property, especially parks, should be used for commercial advertising of any kind, let alone beer.

Would someone let Peggy know so she can raise some hell about this?


  1. I just confirmed that the sign was taken down last night at 9:15 p.m. It was put up without authorization. Griff I agree with you that those kind of banners should not be put up.

    August 26, 2011
  2. Arlen Malecha said:

    I have driven by the banner a few times as well and could not make out what it was promoting either, however, my eye did zero in on the Mich Golden Light portion of the banner.

    Quite often I have thought that the East side of the bridge is the perfect spot to hang a banner promoting evnts such as DJJD, the Hospital Auxilary Book Raid, etc. The banners would have to be HUGE though so people can read them as they pass by at 30 MPH.

    Perhaps the park board could charge a fee for hanging banners (sans the beer advertising) on the bridge and the funds could be used to maintain / expand the trails.

    August 26, 2011
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    Great to hear, Hayes. If you plan a tar & feathering or an effigy-hanging, let me know if you need a photographer.

    August 26, 2011
  4. john george said:

    I know where you can get an abundant supply of goose feathers. The tar, though,….

    August 26, 2011
  5. it’s funny that this sign comes around just in time for Gov Dayton’s signing of a bill allowing boutique breweries in Minnesota to serve from their own places.

    What’s the Matter, Michelob? Over react much?

    A few years ago a big beer company tried to put ads right on the tables of a local eatery. They were huge and obnoxiously so in the face…I had to voice my opinion to the keeper of that inn, too.

    August 26, 2011

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