Yo Seattle, Send ’em to Northfield

SeattleBench.jpgWe all know that Northfield is a special place. However, even in spite of the passionate comments by lurkers and strong, silent types on the “Streetscape arches go up downtown; whadya tink?” blog post, citizens in other communities also seem to have strong opinions about public installations.

In today’s Seattle Times, there’s an article about the negative reactions to the installation of a public art/sidewalk bench. According to the neighbors, the piece only inspires people to smoke crack, sell drugs, fight or urinate on it.

Personally, I think that the location may have more to do with the behavior than the design. Having recent experiences with Seattle and its public art, this story doesn’t fit with what I saw in terms of art and people during my visit.

However, if the people living and working near this bench want it removed, I say “Send it to us in Northfield”. We could use a few more benches downtown.

In fact, ya got any bike racks you’d like to get ridda too?

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  1. Honestly, with a bit of creativity, and a chain lock, it IS a bike rack.

    September 7, 2007

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