Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund created by the Stremcha family

Northfielders Jeff and Leanne Stremcha have created a legacy fund in honor of their son Shea who would have turned 26 years old today. This flyer, Honoring Shea Stremcha: a Lasting Legacy (PDF), has the details:

Honoring Shea Stremcha - a lasting legacyThe fund will support community building with emphases on improving financial literacy and support for the arts—goals that were important to Shea. We hope the fund can become a permanent legacy of Shea’s generous spirit.

We would be especially honored to have family and friends consider making contributions to Shea’s Legacy Fund as part of their annual charitable giving as a way to help remember Shea.

Minneapolis Foundation - Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund donation
Visit the Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund page on the Minneapolis Foundation’s website to make a donation.

Jeff and Leanne also want to make available the text of the eulogy (PDF) delivered by Shea’s brother Jesse.

Shea Stremcha - eulogy by Jesse StremchaTo help mark the occasion of our beloved Shea’s 26th birthday this Friday, his parents and siblings invite all of Shea’s family and friends to reflect, in some personal way, on how he touched their lives.

To help us remember and honor him, we have decided to publish the eulogy delivered by his brother, Jesse, at Shea’s remembrance and burial service on July 26.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    The recent email from Shea’s parents, Jeff and Leanne Stremcha, included an update on the Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund:

    We thought we would include a brief update on this while we were at it.

    All donations made to Shea’s memorial account were contributed to the Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund. These contributions enabled the initial establishment of this Fund which will be administered by the Minneapolis Foundation. Contributions to the Minneapolis Foundation are tax deductible. The fund will support community building with emphases on improving financial literacy and support for the arts – – goals that were important to Shea.

    Through on-going donations from family and friends and possible fundraisers, we hope that the Fund will “Give and Grow” each year and, eventually, become a self-sustaining and permanent reminder and legacy of Shea’s indominable spirit. In 2011, the Honors Art Program at Northfield High School received a $2,000 grant through the Fund. Shea always remembered his time in the program and felt a special fondness for the talented and dedicated teachers running it.

    We thank everyone who have made contributions and are especially grateful to those who have already made it part of their 2012 charitable giving through workplace giving programs. Tax-deductible contributions can be made at any time:

    By Mail: Shea Stremcha Legacy Fund
    The Minneapolis Foundation
    80 South 8th St, Suite 800
    Minneapolis, MN 55402

    January 5, 2012
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Jeff Stremcha emailed me this announcement. It’s a nice touch for Ameriprise to name the annual award after Shea.

    Ameriprise Financial Honors Shea Stremcha

    On January 12, the first annual “AAC (Ameriprise Advisor Center) Leadership Award in Memory of Shea Stremcha” was presented to Nick Ternes, who had been a fellow advisor with Shea at Ameriprise Financial. The award was created to recognize leadership qualities Shea exhibited as a personal financial advisor within the AAC. In presenting the award, Matthew Kley, Shea’s former sales manager and friend, praised Shea’s commitment to a long-term, sustainable business model and recognized him for being dedicated to his craft and helping others achieve greatness – both inside and outside work.

    Mr. Kley further acknowledged that Shea always met his personal sales goals, maintained exemplary client relationship activity, assisted others through active participation as a coach in the AAC’s peer coaching program and provided team leadership for community activities such as organizing his team’s participation in Ameriprise’s Habitat for Humanity build. “Shea embodied the Advisor role and peer coaching in the same way he personified what it means to be a contributing member of society”, he said.

    Upon accepting, Mr. Ternes said he had always admired Shea for his hard work, commitment to helping clients and his cheerful personality. Mr. Ternes added he was deeply honored to be recognized as the first recipient of this award.

    February 22, 2012

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