DJJD photos

I’ve got to work this weekend so I won’t be able to take many photos of this weekend’s Defeat of Jesse James Days festivities, other than the Jesse James Bike Tour. If you take some, is compiling an album. Here are four of mine from Friday. Click to enlarge.

Alex Beeby Chip DeMann Krin Finger Griff Wigley

Left: Just Food’s Alex Beeby, duded up;
Left center: 2007 Joseph Lee Heywood Award recipient Chip DeMann, a walking photo-op
Right center: Rare Pair’s Krin Finger, harvesting sales late Friday night after the bank raid
Right: yours truly, on the roof of the Northfield Historical Society, videotaping the DJJD bank raid re-enactment. I may have something put together in a week or two.

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