The Locally Grown blog is one year-old today

Our head designer and tech guy, Sean Hayford O’Leary, has installed a set of rotating banners for our Locally Grown blog, carved from Northfield-related photos. But he’s turned off the rotation today. Why? See the far-right side of the banner:

birthday banner

It’s the one-year anniversary of our blog today. See the Sept. 10, 2006 Coming soon blog post, with the very first comment by Bruce Morlan. Don’t go overboard with excitement, however. The two-year anniversary of our podcast comes up in December.

3 thoughts on “The Locally Grown blog is one year-old today”

  1. Congratulations on the birthday! Will there be cake at Blue Monday? Beer at the Cow? Or perhaps a traveling celebration, hitting all the downtown landmarks. Seems like a good reason for a party.

  2. I agree. Now that the DJJD festivities are over, we’ll have to make some of our own. We’ve never done a “Locally Grown: Face to Face” event. What’s everybody doing this weekend? Friday or Saturday night at the Cow?

  3. Tracy, I’ll be at the Rueb Upstairs on Sat. night. My son Graham and his band are performing for the first time.

    But yeah, we need a wing ding of some kind, tho more lead time would be good. How about in October, after I move?

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