Locally Grown web traffic plunges; layoffs planned

image of august web traffic

The number of unique visitors to the Locally Grown blog took a nosedive in August, dropping to 3,222 from a July peak of 6,246. Click the Google Analytics image to enlarge.

We were hoping and praying that the prayer issue would match the heroin issue in terms of traffic” said Griff Wigley, one of the site’s principals. “It generated nearly 300 comments, the same as the main heroin post, but the important numbers just weren’t there. God only knows why.

Wigley indicated that a meeting with the site’s angel investors would likely be held later this week.

“They’re not happy and will expect us to reduce our expenses to bring them in line with our ad revenue. Of course, to compound the problem, our advertisers are fleeing this month, once word got out about the traffic drop.

I’m afraid the bulk of the cuts are going to have to come from the design and technical departments. We’re looking at outsourcing that work to lower-cost providers, either in India or Dundas. The majority of our editorial staff feels bad about this.

Ross Currier and Tracy Davis, the site’s other two principals, could not be reached for comment.


  1. John McCarthy said:

    The City of Dundas would be happy to enter into negotiation with Locally Grown to outsource your production. We believe we have a proven ability to provide an environment in which opinionated individuals can freely stick their foot in their mouth.

    Our communications infrastructure includes the opportunity to hop a freight for quick and fuel saving physical access to both downtowns and we should have limited fiber optic access by the end of the year (no expensive studys, we just do it). As you look to your financial future, please consider the possibility of Dundas. I’m not sure we can TIF a coffee pot, but we will sure try.

    September 10, 2007
  2. Kathleen Doran-Norton said:

    Locally Grown has been sourcing design and technical services from an expert in Bridgewater Township for some time now…..

    September 10, 2007
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    Sean lives in Bridgewater Township? I had no idea, Kathleen. How did he make it past our HR department?

    September 18, 2007

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