Vote for Dakota County’s two Partners in Preservation finalists: the Waterford Iron Bridge and Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner Waterford Iron Bridge Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper Historic Pilot Knob

Waterford Township Supervisor Liz Messner and Bridgewater Township Clerk Janalee Cooper stopped by my morning corner office at Goodbye Blue Monday yesterday. They’re spreading the word about how the Waterford Iron Bridge is in the running for a portion of $1 million from Partners in Preservation. They’ve teamed up on their promotion efforts with Dakota County Historical Society and are encouraging people to vote one day for the Waterford Iron Bridge (Facebook page) and the next day for Historic Pilot Knob (PDF).

I’m conflicted. I grew up a mile from Historic Pilot Knob and have Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota ancestors. See my 2008 blog post when the site was purchased by the city of Mendota Heights, saving it from development.

Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood Waterford Iron Bridge, Sept 2010 flood 
But my affection is now for the Waterford Iron Bridge because I regularly visit there, biking and walking across it as it’s adjacent to the Carleton Arb.  It was one year ago this weekend when the flood nearly washed it away.

Northfielder Paul Hager has produced this gorgeous Waterford Iron Bridge video:

The Waterford Iron Bridge from Paul Hager on Vimeo.

Vote for Waterford Iron Bridge Scan this now to access voting on your smartphone

So 1) get your butt over to the Partners in Preservation Facebook page, 2) Like the page, 3) authorize their  app so you can vote, and then 4) vote every day till Oct. 12.

You can also vote via your smartphone. Scan their QR code to make it easy.

See these links for local Waterford Iron Bridge media coverage:


  1. Liz Messner said:

    Thanks for a great blog and wonderful pictures Griff. We’ve had so many people helping us with this project, the energy is just amazing. Community support will be a valuable part of the grant process and as you can see we have a wonderful base with citzens, the Northfield Historical Society, City of Northfield, local representatives and more. My personal thanks to Paul Hager, Janalee Cooper, and Hayes Scriven for their willingness to lend their many diverse talents. Now, Waterford just asks that you vote for the Iron Bridge everyday!

    September 23, 2011
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    You’re welcome, Liz. Props to you for working so hard and successfully on the application to make into the top 25. I voted this morning and the bridge is in 16th place. Not bad!

    September 24, 2011
  3. Janalee Cooper said:

    Griff, Thanks for all the support!

    A very hearty “Thank You!” to all who have “liked” the Waterford Iron Bridge Facebook page, who have voted for us once, or every day. We appreciate all of you! This is a wonderful project that will have lasting benefit to the area.

    I have forwarded the link over to the Dakota County Historical Society Executive Director, and the Mendota Heights Ass’t City Administrator too.

    Sincerely, Janalee Cooper

    September 26, 2011

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