Holiday greetings from Morgan and Cameron

cameron and morgan.jpgI got a holiday greeting card from Morgan Weiland and Cameron Nordholm that included their photo. Click to enlarge.

Who are they? We have this blurb on our About page:

We’re indebted to former KRLX news director Morgan Weiland and former KRLX station manager Cameron Nordholm for their help in launching the show in early 2006. Both graduated from Carleton in the spring of 2006 and then promptly abandoned Northfield for Washington DC and lives of quiet desperation.


  1. Ross said:

    Hey Griff:
    Thanks for sharing. They both look great. I’m sure they’re an inspiration for Carleton seniors wondering and/or worrying about the real world after graduation.
    Hey and Yea, Cameron and Morgan!

    January 2, 2007
  2. Dear Locally Grown,

    How we miss you! Morgan and I are in Washington, DC working our liberal arts degree equipped butts off to afford living here. Continuing her interest in journalism, Morgan is a reporter for El Sevier at the Gray Sheet, a weekly medical device and FDA publication. I am working for a small consulting firm, Wealthbridge Partners, that assists wealthy families manage their family offices and relationships, producing multimedia work and helping out around the office. We live in a tidy little apartment on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest DC and do our best to take in the captial via the Metro and on our trusty bikes. It’s nothing like, Northfield, though, and we have lamented the community and people we left behind to pursue careers. Most of all though, it doesn’t snow.

    Cameron and Morgan

    January 3, 2007

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