Reckless Professionals at The Upstairs Rueb, Sat. Sept. 15

My son Graham’s band, Reckless Professionals, is making their Northfield debut tonight at The Upstairs Rueb. I’ll be there with camera and earplugs. I told him I’d promote the event but I didn’t say how. He probably won’t be happy.

Griff Wigley longhaired Wigleys
No, those aren’t the current band members in the photo on the right, but it is a photo of a group that had considerable influence, musical and otherwise, on one of the band members.

 Song list Reckless Professionals Tshirt Reckless Professionals Logo Reckless Professionals Rueb poster Reckless Professionals
Click the images to enlarge and see the band’s MySpace page for more.

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  1. Thanks for the support, Griff!
    We really appreciate the promotion & enthusiasm, and it was great to see you & your wife at the show. We hope to be back in Northfield sometime soon!

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