“Griff’s Blog” Goes Too Far

RazzyRoss and I have to step up to the plate.

Or maybe I need to step up to the plate, since Ross’s byline has at least been seen here in the past two weeks. Apparently if we leave Griff alone too long, we get one post after another about his kid’s band, his house for sale, photos of him podcasting…. geez, you’d think this was Griff’s only blog.

6 thoughts on ““Griff’s Blog” Goes Too Far”

  1. You have to keep him on a short leash, otherwise he can get out of line.

    I’m sure his better half would be happy to offer up some tips on how to keep him under control.

  2. Okay, Ms. “Edumacated” ……. Did you mean ONLY Griff’s blog? instead of what you said, which was:”Griff’s only blog”?

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