Abby Benson abandons Northfield for points west

GBM send-off for Abby Benson Abby Benson
Today was Abby Benson’s last day at Goodbye Blue Monday where she’s worked for over three years.  Proprietors Dan Riggins and Catherine Dominguez along with several of her co-workers gave her a little send-off this morning. The 2011 St. Olaf grad is also known to the Northfield community for her work with STOGROW and the SEEDS Farms (see this article about her).  She’s heading to Portland, OR for a life of quiet desperation productive and satisfying experience doing who-knows-what.

I know her dad, Marty Benson, from playing racquetball and her mom, Jean Callister-Benson from way back when she worked at the Y in Faribault. As parents, they are reportedly thrilled that they no longer have Abby’s expensive mouth to feed proud that Abby’s launching her life as a full-fledged adult.

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