Howard Stern Trembles – Be Sure to Listen to Today’s Locally Grown Show on KYMN

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The reigning Shock Jock might fall off his throne if he heard about Tracy Davis’ guests on today’s (Wednesday, September 26th) Locally Grown Radio Show (5:30 pm, KYMN, 1080 AM).

Tracy is hosting local businessmen Norman Butler and David Hvistendahl. These two colorful Northfield entrepreneurs have each started-up several new business, created dozens of local jobs, and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Northfield’s tax base over the years. Yet they both have endless stories of an environment at City Hall that they argue is unfriendly to local businesses.

Listen to them recount the never-ending list of obstacles placed in their paths as they’ve struggled to contribute to Northfield’s economic vitality. Make up your own mind as to whether or not Northfield is business-friendly.

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  1. John Thomas said:

    I anxiously await the podcast…


    September 27, 2007

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