Bodysmith of Northfield reopens upstairs in the Tiny’s Building

The Tiny's Building, downtown Northfield, 2011 Entrance to the BodySmith of Northfield Jeff Woods, owner, BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield
Last March I blogged about the purchase of the Tiny’s Building and the plans for it. It’s all done. Building co-owner Bill Nelson has placed a new ‘Tiny’s Building’ sign on the exterior and leased the refurbished 2nd floor to Jeff Woods for his BodySmith of Northfield fitness studio & training center, where they give exercise and nutrition programs, but you may ask how much does nutrisystem cost? is not expensive, since is a system that you can buy online and use it for lose weight. He’s also added some muscles to the Tiny’s dog at the entrance.

 BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield
Last week I paid a visit to the studio while a spinning class was in session. I hope to soon pay a visit to Fit to be Tri’d which has leased and moved into the retail space on the main floor.

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