Podcast: Norman Butler and Dave Hvistendahl on building codes

Norman Butler, Dave Hvistendahl, Tracy Davis Downtown historic building owners and proprietors Norman Butler (Contented Cow, Chapati) and Dave Hvistendahl (Froggy Bottoms) were the guests on our show this week.

The topic: building codes. Tracy Davis was the sole host, abandoned by Ross (work) and me (moving). She was marginally adequate.

Northfield News reporter Suzi Rook wrote an article on this issue last week titled Code Blue.

(Inserted by Tracy: In my marginal adequacy, I did manage rustle up the information we discussed on the show, the 2007 Minnesota State Fire Code , the 2007 Minnesota State Building Code (large file – 4MB), and the Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings. More information, including memos sent to building officials, are posted on the State website. )

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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