Art plus exercise: Gretchen Falck is having a Forza! open house on Nov. 8

Forza! studio, Northfield MN

Gretchen Falck, Forza!I get regular updates on Gretchen Falck’s Forza! studio (on Professional Drive behind Casey’s). Why?

My wife Robbie is a ‘Forzite,’ hooked since March, 2010, doing everything from kettlebells, TRX Suspension training, and resistance stretching to a whole variety of body weight exercises. (That’s Robbie in the foreground of the photo on the right, swinging a kettlebell.)  She just loves it.

Gretchen is hosting a Forza! open house tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 9, 5-7:30 pm.  She’s mixing in exercise with the arts by unveiling a new mural:

Other Forzites [including Robbie] will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate some of the tools of the trade.  Look for them in their black Forza! t-shirts.  Come see this beautiful mural, enjoy some healthy snacks and the company of some truly great people!

I’ve stopped the studio a few times in the past few weeks to take photos of her classes for her website. Here are a few:

DSC01736 DSC03097 DSC03140 DSC03174

DSC01397 copy DSC01568 DSC01655 DSC01721

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  1. Griff Wigley said:

    In today’s NY Times: Turning to Kettlebells to Ease Back Pain

    Kettlebells, cast-iron weights that have been used for centuries to train Russian soldiers and athletes, appear to be a promising therapy for back and neck pain, new research shows.

    Although many people with backaches and other pains shy away from weight lifting for fear of hurting themselves, studies show that strength training can reduce pain and prevent reinjury. While most research has used traditional weight training exercises, researchers in Denmark set out to study whether a kettlebell workout offered therapeutic benefits to back pain sufferers.

    January 26, 2012

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