The NEG (Northfield Entertainment Guide) has a new website

Rob Schanilec NEG screenshot
Rob Schanilec, head honcho at the By All Means Graphics empire on Bridge Square, alerted me to their not-quite-finished website for the NEG, The Northfield Entertainment Guide.  I’m guessing that BAMG staffers Nick Sinclair and Christine Bernier worked on this with Northfield web designer, Sean Hayford O’Leary.

The October issue of the NEG is now available in PDF and in print.

2 thoughts on “The NEG (Northfield Entertainment Guide) has a new website”

  1. John, the NEG is not an advertiser here (we don’t have any advertisers) and they’re not a client of mine. But I do occasionally promo changes happening with area small businesses and non-profits just because they’re part of the community as much as people and issues.

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