Needed: a Northfield WordPress Users Group (NWUG)

wordpress-logo With so many citizens, non-profits, and small business owners using WordPress (both the .com and .org versions) here in Northfield, we need an organization where people can ask questions, share tips, and get free help: a Northfield WordPress Users Group (NWUG).

If anyone wants to take on the task (actual F2F meetings and a blogsite), I’d be thrilled. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

In the meantime, if you’re a WordPress user, or you know of an area blog/website where it’s being used, post a comment here.

2 thoughts on “Needed: a Northfield WordPress Users Group (NWUG)”

  1. WordPress is such a great resource for anyone who designs web sites for anyone. I love that it’s Open Source, and run on Cascading Style Sheets. It provides a webmaster/designer with a great and customizable design (hundreds upon hundreds of FREE templates out there that you can get great ideas!), and for clients, they get to manage their content on their own. I sometimes make standard websites out of WordPress by commenting out all of the blog/commenting features.

    I would probably come to a meeting, but not sure I could head it up.

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