Community blogging spreads to small town America

New York Mills blogging class

I was the trainer last night for a community blogging class in New York Mills, MN, home of the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center and the Great American Think-Off. Tomorrow night I’m in Floodwood and next week, in St. James and Wabasha.

It’s part of a project with the Northwest Area Foundation to launch community blogs in 150 small towns from MN to Washington state.

Of course, I spend quite a bit of time showing people, Locally Grown, and our blossoming local civic blogosphere here in Northfield. They get inspired when they see what’s going on here. I get inspired by their enthusiasm.

It was the first time I’ve taught a class on community blogging, oddly enough. I did do a civic leader blogging class here in Northfield back in Feb. 2005.

Northfield blogging class Northfield blogging class Northfield blogging class Northfield blogging class
Recognize any of these people? 50% are still blogging.

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  1. Ross Currier said:

    Inspired or frightened?

    October 3, 2007

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