Adult spelling bee photo album

Friends of the Library celebrated their 25th anniversary and held their second annual Adult Spelling Bee fundraiser tonight at The Grand. And once again, the St. Olaf team won, this time with newcomers Shelly Dickinson and David Gonnerman, anchored by Paul Zorn. The Northfield Rotary team of Richard Collman, Michael Lane and Ed Lufkin were runner-ups. See the photo album or this slideshow:

8 thoughts on “Adult spelling bee photo album”

  1. Hey Griff, you sure are speedy with the photos! This was a great event. Who knew Northfielders could spell so well?

  2. Even though the NDDC team was out in about the 5th round, but you’ve gotta admit that they had the best uniforms! But I guess that hat award still goes to Ed Kuhlman.

  3. Griff,
    Speaking of awards, I’m still looking for a winner of the caption contest from the September 18th blog with the picture of Dan Olson and Ross Currier. Did I miss the ceremony?

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