Krin Finger and her Rare Pair team make magic for the holidays

Krin Finger and Jill Enestvedt, Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield
My other Small Business Saturday visit last week was to Rare Pair where I took a few photos while Robbie shopped. Proprietor Krin Finger and her chief collaborator, Jill Enestvedt (Studio Elements artist and manager), were on hand.

Thanks to Adam Gurno’s blog post on about the Rare Pair holidaday window display, I learned that the store now has a Rair Pair blog, chiefly authored by Caroline Nitz.  But Krin chimes in with comments to the blog posts, like here where she describes the contributions of her team:

Reflecting back on the past 20 years of Holiday Window Displays this morning, i realized that the 2011 Holiday Display summarizes what The Rare Pair tries to represent. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing group of women…

I remember seeing Krin and hubby Dale Finger scrounging for branches and logs at the Northfield composting site a couple weeks ago. Amazing to see how it all turned out.

Here are three more of my in-store photos but be sure to see the photos of the window display in Caroline Nitz’s blog post.

Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield Rare Pair, Northfield


  1. Ross Currier said:

    Krin Finger, her team, and Rare Pair are all amazing.

    December 3, 2011
  2. Marsha Kitchel said:

    All that (wood)work created a magical forested Rare Pair. Beautiful! This quality store is an amazing cornerstone for Northfield.

    December 9, 2011

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