Photos: partial lunar eclipse

eclipseset (Photo by Eric Johnson) CannonReclipse (Photo by Eric Johnson) eclipsefull12_10_11 (Photo by Eric Johnson)

I wasn’t aware that there was an eclipse of the moon this morning until I saw it from I-35 at about 7 am on my way to Lebanon Hills for some mountain biking. Fortunately, two other Northfielders were prepared.

Eric Johnson took the above photos from downtown Northfield. He wrote:

Every five minutes I would meander out of GBMonday, take a photo and return for more warm coffee.  This shot was taken from the west side of the Neuger Communications parking lot using a plastic garbage container to steady the camera.  Panasonic FZ40 at 24X optical.’s Rob Hardy took two photos "from near the Northfield water tower on Spring Creek Road."

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