Heather Scott is the NHS MVPosse Tour Guide for 2011

NHS gathering at the Rueb Hayes Scriven, Earl Weinmann, Heather Scott  Heather Scott
At a Northfield Historical Society holiday gathering at the Upstairs Rueb last night, Executive Director Hayes Scriven and Earl Weinmann presented the 2011 NHS MVPosse Tour Guide award to Heather Scott.

I asked Earl for the text of his remarks about Heather. Here’s the transcript:

When I first met this year’s Most Valuable Posse recipient it was early in April during the first Adult Posse training session. By the time the training sessions ended, I knew it was a uniquely talented and unselfish member we were welcoming into our ranks. 

The level of commitment that they brought to creating a personalized tour was inspirational.   This person looked the part, acted the part, and took visitors on a wonderful journey back in time. But it went far beyond that.  In gaining an Adult Posse Member we also received an excellent ambassador for the Historical Society. 

There was hardly a Northfield Historical Society event – at least none that I can remember – where this person wasn’t volunteering their time; be it at the annual meeting, during a presentation at the Historical Society, Cemetery Stories, Defeat Days or any function that would further the mission of NHS.  The only downside I experienced in knowing this person was the feeling of guilt that I, in comparison, wasn’t doing enough for the society.

I was trying to find a befitting way to end this introduction, one that would express our appreciation.  It was given to me today when I talked to her mother on the phone.  When she learned that her daughter would receive this award, one of her first comments was "Her father, Ted, would have been so proud of her. "

It is my honor to introduce to you our 2012 Most Valuable Posse Member, the great granddaughter of Dr. D. J. Whiting and the daughter of one of our founders, Mr. Ted Scott.  Please join me in congratulating Miss Heather Scott. 


  1. you again …….. wonderful
    we are all so proud of you….

    Muggs,Mark,Chris & Carrie

    December 13, 2011
  2. Jane McWilliams said:

    Heather is deserving of this honor on her own merit. But it is especially meaningful, given the devotion and service to the Northfield Historical Society of both her father, Ted, and her mother, Mary Zoe. An admirable dynasty!

    Congratulations, Heather!

    December 13, 2011
  3. Sorry I had another commitment and could not be there to honor Heather. I echo what Jane said!

    December 14, 2011

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