Downtown Northfield: good for law firms. Photography studios? Not so much.

former Ali Hohn Photography studio former Hoffman's Photography studio former Stone Cottage Photo location Green LightHouse studio
I noticed this week that the downtown storefront for Ali Hohn Photography is empty.  A month ago, Northfield Patch did a story titled Hoffman’s Photography Closed? It’s been a while but Stone Cottage Photo had a studio on Bridge Square. I’m not sure what’s happening with Green LightHouse on Division above Champion Sports but their website is dead. And Harmon’s Photography in the lower level of the Nutting Block has disappeared.

Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen Reppe Law Office  James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office
Meanwhile, law firms have been picking up the slack. Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen has moved into the former Northfield Insurance location at 507 Division, right across the street from the Reppe Law Office. And James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office are now officing in back of the Just Food Co-op building.

Other law firms located downtown:  Lampe Law Group, Grundhoefer & LudescherFrago & Lasswell, Hvistendahl, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn, Schmitz, Ophaug and Dowd, Arnold Law and Mediation. (Have I missed any?)

Why are law firms thriving downtown but not photography studios?


  1. Angela Lauterbach said:

    Personally, (I SAID PERSONALLY) the need for studio space hasn’t arisen because I do most of my work outside or at the client’s locations. Also the added overhead makes little (sorry) sense considering my personal dynamic.

    With these things said, I find Northfield families to be quite private and, while extremely proud of their children, not given to making a trip to a studio for portraits. If I didn’t have a home office and a blank basement for a studio to do sittings in I’d want a studio too. But I don’t need one. My clients like coming to my home and are glad to have me in theirs.

    It’s nice to sit on the sofa or at someone’s dining table petting the family dog while talking about which photos to print. Actually, it’s beneficial: people want you to know them and you can’t get a great photo that speaks forever without having a relaxed conversation with the subject.

    January 4, 2012
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Angela, that makes perfect sense to me. But what about the marketing aspect of having a very visible downtown storefront? Is that just not needed any more?

    A related question: might you be interested in a coworking arrangement?

    January 4, 2012

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