Northfielder Brenton Balvin: rink rat, preacher, and opinionated blogger

Brenton Balvin, Griff WigleyBrenton Balvin's blog: Living in the Pace of Grace
I had coffee this morning with Northfielder Brenton Balvin, a blogger since 2005 (Living in the Pace of Grace), and someone I’ve followed on Twitter for many months.  We chatted about our lives, past and present, for over an hour and half. 

Brenton’s tweets and blog posts are personable, often opinionated, and cover many different topics but nearly always linked somehow to Northfield and his life as a husband, dad, rink rat, store manager, part-time preacher, kids baseball coach, and many other roles. He’s an occasional commenter here on LoGro and his blog posts often appear on Northfield Patch.

I like it that Brenton isn’t shy about his opinions.  A recent favorite: What is More Offensive: Pornography or A Woman Breastfeeding in Public?

WCCO News recently aired a Good Question segment about breastfeeding in public as a result of a Texas woman’s nationwide call to for a "nurse-in" at Target stores after she said she was humiliated by Target employees.

The segment reminded me of a blog post I wrote in July 2006 (Pornography yes – Breastfeeding no – Are We Serious?) on the hypocrisy and idiocy of the fact that our nation accepts and promotes the normalcy and legitimacy of pornography, and yet demands nursing mothers sit in dirty bathrooms and closet spaces to feed their infants just so passerby’s aren’t exposed to the slightest embarrassment of having to see a sliver of a breast performing its most natural function.

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