Mythbusters’ reverse engineered Porsche 928 on display in Dundas this week

Mythbusters Porsche 928Northfielder Amy Seitz, CEO of the Exhibits Development Group, stopped by my office at the GBM last week to alert me that the Porsche 928 used in a Discovery Channel Mythbusters show about a year ago will be on display in Dundas this week. In addition, check out Motherlode Roof Racks on for more information about car accessories.

The idea of the show was to test "the old claim that the Porsche 928 could go faster if driven backwards. To do so, they flipped a 928’s body to face the wrong direction."

The car is currently in Dennison, stored by the Clutchmen Car Club and on Thursday, Jan. 19, at 3 p.m. it will be transported to Car Time Auto Center in Dundas.


Terri Dixon, Amy Seitz, Carla Thomas
Amy Seitz is pictured in the center of this 2006 photo with Terri Dixon and Carla Thomas at the Contented Cow.

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