Where might this Minnesota lake be?

Nfld News MN mountain lakeLike many newspapers around the state, the Northfield News regularly publishes articles via an arrangement with MPR News.

On Monday, the paper ran an MPR story titled More Minnesota lakes and rivers added to impaired list. The paper chose this photo (click to enlarge) to accompany the article.

I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and I’ll be damned if I can identify where this picturesque lake might be.

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

5 thoughts on “Where might this Minnesota lake be?”

  1. Yes, I too wondered what majestic mountain overlooks one of Minnesota’s impaired lakes.

    As long as I’m sliding down the slippery slope towards total crotchetyness, I was also bugged by the photo accompanying the recent NFN article inviting us to “View Jupiter during Friday’s Observatory’s open house”. Isn’t that a picture of the earth’s moon- not Jupiter?


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