CRWP photo contest results

I entered Cannon River Watershed Partnership’s photo contest this year and whaddya know, I placed. Here are the winners in the three categories (thumbnails are linked to the large originals on the CRWP site but they still display in a slideshow here in the blog post):

Category: Family and Friends in the Outdoors
First Place: Laurie Johnson Second Place: John Muellerleile
First Place: Laurie Johnson
Second Place: John Muellerleile

Category: Working for Our Watershed
First place: Glenn Switzer Second place: Griff Wigley
First place: Glenn Switzer
Second place: Griff Wigley

Category: Nature in Our Watershed
First Place: Griff Wigley Second Place: Eric Mueller Third Place: David Charlton
First Place: Griff Wigley
Second Place: Eric Mueller
Third Place: David Charlton

10 thoughts on “CRWP photo contest results”

  1. Congratulations ,griff!
    Nice to be recognized by other than LG readers for all the great photos you give us, here on your site.

    1. Griff- Iris will have to work real hard to keep you in focus on everything else. I shutter to think where this could go.

  2. Griff,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!…No surprise on your achievements, considering your expertise behind the lens!!!…

    Another subject: Without racketball, when are you going to start playing PONG???…Monday nights at the Senior Center offer a possibility for you…

  3. Don, I’ll keep ping pong in mind. I’d hate to have my right arm start to whither from a lack of racquetball.

    In the meantime, I’m trying to excite as many Northfielders as I can about mountain biking. I’ll give you my sales pitch the next time I see you at the James Jang Coffeehouse.

    1. Griff: whither goest thy right arm if it starts to “whither” (sic) ?

      sorry; couldn’t resist… stuck at home with a bad knee provides way too much time on computer!

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