Photos: the NEC hosts a gathering on coworking

Northfield coworking planning session Megan Tsui, Pat Allen
I attended the Coworking Incubator/Accelerator Community Brainstorming Session yesterday in the Archer House lower level conference room, hosted by the Northfield Enterprise Center.

I don’t have time to summarize what happened (hopefully, ED Megan Tsui will do that!) but I’m guessing there will be a website within a month, as Sean Hayford O’Leary and I volunteered to get that going.

DSC07276 DSC07280 DSC07284

DSC07286 DSC07287 DSC07277

6 thoughts on “Photos: the NEC hosts a gathering on coworking”

  1. Megan, I see at the top of the site:

    The Northfield Enterprise Center is excited to be developing a coworking facility in Northfield. Our goal is to provide space for businesses to grow and thrive in our community.

    and that the mission statement on the About page doesn’t mention anything about coworking, only the NEC.

    Has the NEC made a decision to develop the facility and provide the space on its own, as your wording indicates? Or might it still consider supporting/partnering with a private effort?

    1. Griff,
      Contingent on future funding, the NEC is planning on developing a non-profit space that incorporates business Incubator and Accelerator programs to support small businesses in the community.

      Are you aware of another group that is ready to talk about support/partnership opportunities?


    2. Megan, while you were on vacation, I had coffee with Jim Goodman and Sean Hayford O’Leary (in the photos above) and they’re evidently hard at work to get a Northfield coworking facility up and running ASAP.

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