Linda Schneewind rolls The Local Joint

???, Mary Rossing, Linda Schneewind, Shawnee Langworthy,  The Local Joint in downtown Northfield The Local Joint in downtown Northfield The Local Joint in downtown Northfield 
I arrived after closing last night but just in time to see building owner/proprietor Linda Schneewind and friends celebrating the opening of her new store, The Local Joint (Facebook page) at 314 Division. Linda’s got two dozen vendors (she’s looking for 6 more; email her) displaying their handmade and vintage goods in the former Digs space and who share responsibility for staffing it. 

According to this article on Nfld Patch, Not Another Digs (includes a 16-photo slideshow):

Schneewind is in charge of the merchandising and will work in the store one day a week. She’ll spend the rest of her week in her Minneapolis business. “Essentially, it’s kind of like Digs is producing this event,” she said. Unlike antique malls where vendors have individual displays, goods at the Local Joint are displayed based on aesthetics. In other words, items are put where they look best in the store.

See also the Nfld News article, Store to open in former ‘digs’ space.

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