Charlotte Smith’s new book – Tell Me One Thing: A Story of Two Mothers

Tell Me One Thing - A Story of Two Mothers Charlotte Smith
Northfielder Charlotte Smith has a new book out titled Tell Me One Thing: A Story of Two Mothers. From the publisher:

This is the true story of two mothers, one in the United States, the other in Korea, and of the little boy who left the world he knew to make a home with a new family.

This powerful account of international adoption and ultimate reunion is told by the adoptive mother, who held her son’s birth mother in her mind and heart, never imagining that they would meet.

Her book can be ordered from Monkey See Monkey Read bookstore in downtown Northfield or via Amazon and B&N.

Charlotte is not new to writing. She has a lengthy article on her husband Bardwell Smith’s website titled The Garden of Quiet Listening, the Japanese garden at Carleton College.

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