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My consulting business (no, not my mountain biking, really!) has kept me busier than usual lately and that’s meant fewer blog posts here on LoGro. It bugs me if I don’t publish at least one new blog post here every day because I want the 500-1000 people who visit each day to always have something new to see.  It’s not that I don’t have lots to blog about but rather my tendency to spend a lot of time on them, especially those that are issue-related.

Shakespeare bloggerSo I’m going to experiment with publishing more blog posts that simply introduce a topic or issue, inviting y’all to chime in with comments, questions, links, and opinions.  The topics will likely be a little more wide-ranging, with a mix of 75% Northfield-related and the rest state, national, international.

I also like tackling a difficult issue and spending weeks on it like I’m currently doing with the Northfield Fire Department. There aren’t many of those investigative-type stories that I take on but when I do, they really require a lot of work behind the scenes and then a lot of time to write them up, summarizing what I’ve learned and taking a position.

I’ve got some other ideas for new features here on LoGro but they’re not quite ready for prime time. In the meantime, let me know what ideas you have and give me your frank feedback on what you like and don’t like on the current state of LoGro affairs.

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  1. Griff Wigley said:

    It occurred to me this morning that I should quit being so persnickety about photos and do more quick posting from my smartphone’s WordPress app when I see things of interest. So I did that with a photo of 1001 Division’s for sale sign.

    I then remembered that I’d signed up for an AudioBoo account a while ago which allows me to record an audio clip from my smartphone, attach a photo, and publish both to a blog post here on LoGro with a tweet at the same time. I did this with an audio clip and photo of the new for sale sign in front of the post office. Using audio allows me to avoid laborious typing on the smartphone.

    I can later update these quickie blog posts with more accurate categories, tags, links and narrative.

    February 23, 2012

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