Smackdown on KYMN: Hvisty gets his ass handed to him

After my confrontations with Northfielder David Hvistendahl over the weekend, I  emailed him a request to be a guest on his KYMN Law Review radio show this week. He replied:

U R hereby invited to a verbal smackdown, 6 pm, KYMN. Will B War of the Worlds II. Will expose U as a royalist and rumor monger.

KYMN smackdown: David Hvistendahl, Griff WigleyWe did the show tonight.  KYMN emperor Jeff Johnson was on hand to moderate (he used a digital referee whistle) but only had to use it a couple times.

The audio of the show is now available in this mistitled KYMN blog post by Jeff:

KYMN web player image 
Law Review | SMACKDOWN! Wigley cries UNCLE!! 

(For the culturally deprived, see the Wikipedia entry for Uncle Wiggily.)

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  1. kiffi summa said:

    giggles (from griff) versus accusations of royalist tendencies (from Hvisty) … much ado about nothing; I guess Hvisty didn’t have a show topic for this week!

    Might I suggest as a topic: an investigation into the $$amount paid by the city for the legal costs of former administrator Roder, those costs paid for by the city of NF (i.e. NF citizens), per the settlement agreement with Mr. Roder… that agreement ‘negotiated’ by councilors (at the time) Pokorney and Vohs ? AND those fees to be paid if Mr. Roder not found to be wrong in any of his duties as administrator, AND IF Mr. Roder is operating under immunity, how can he be found ???, AND this has gone on for four years now, AND the probable cause hearing is not yet completed!
    (david can explain the implications of the length of time of the probable cause hearing process….)

    March 21, 2012

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