Candy Taylor is looking for a big idea

5th Bridge Executive Director Candy Taylor

5th Bridge Executive Director Candy Taylor stopped by my morning corner office at GBM last week.

She was promoting their effort to get proposals from the community  for a "large-scale volunteer event."

How large? Big, like the Feed My Starving Children MobilePack they’ve done in the past.

Here’s their RFP criteria:

  1. engage between 250 and 2,000 local volunteers from 6 to 90 years of age;
  2. design an event that would directly involve the Northfield community;
  3. ensure that the event could be completed in one week or less;
  4. incorporate an educational element and training session to increase volunteer engagement and satisfaction;
  5. partnering organizations [should] sketch out a fundraising plan that would outline how funds for the project could be raised.


See their page/press release on the plan for more info.

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