4 thoughts on “What’s going on here?”

  1. Assuming that’s the dozer in the northeast corner of the Lower Arb, near the highway, I dunno – it’s been there all summer, though in different spots. Have you tried calling any of the Arb staff? I bet that Nancy Braker, the new Arb director, could find out.

  2. This tree line is being removed in order to provide more usable habitat for grassland birds – that is, birds that require large treeless areas to successfully reproduce. Some examples are meadowlark, bobolink, or grasshopper sparrow. The tree line marks the old boundary between former agricultural fields. South of the tree line has been been previously restored to prairie; the area north of the tree line was planted in fall of 2006 and will be good grassland habitat in a few years.

    Carleton hired a contractor with this bull dozer to remove the trees and their stumps. Because of the wet weather for most of the late summer, the work has been on hold. We hope that it will be finished soon, then the area can be smoothed and planted.

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