“Behind the Scenes” Weekly Meeting Update 2 – Comp Plan Land Development Regulations Advisory Group

So, the next meeting I attended this week was Tuesday over the lunch hour. It was the fifth meeting of the technical advisory group for the revision and updating of Northfield’s Land Development Regulations, a/k/a zoning ordinances (part of the Comp Plan revision).

The group consists of a number of builders, developers, architects, engineers, and others who interact with the code on a regular basis. The most remarkable thing to me is how active the discussions are, and how much consensus there is on a number of surprising issues where, for example, I thought that greenies and policy wonks would be very far away from builders and developers. This really hasn’t been the case.

The advisory group is being asked for input on questions such as whether the Zoning Board of Appeals should be separate from the Planning Commission, whether the Design Advisory Board should be discontinued or changed in scope, whether the City should provide for “pre-existing” or “pre-conforming” situations as alternative to non-conformities, as well as input on zoning district classifications and other more technical matters. It sounds dull, but the process has been energizing and I think we’ll have a better code as a result of all the practical input.

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