6 thoughts on “Who is this guy, what is he driving, and what does he have to do with downtown?”

  1. Is that a Porsche? Can’t see the grill so it’s hard to identify… not that I know anything about cool cars… we have a Jeep, a Passat, and a BEAUTIFUL WINDSTAR! What DOES he have to do with the downtown. This could be interesting.

  2. Wow!! An Austin Healy 3000!! That car brings back memories. One of my best friends had a brother-in-law in the special forces (This is in “66, the early days of ‘Nam). While he was over seas, my friend had use of this car. It was racing balanced to 6000 rpm. One night, we had it up to 135 mph in over-drive. What a sweet car, but the blasted thing would break at least one wheel spoke every time we took it out. There was only one guy in my SE Iowa home town who knew how to fix it.

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