Art on the walls of local businesses

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Left: On page 3 of this month’s Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG), local businesses that display local artists on their walls are listed. Click image to enlarge the screenshot.
Right: Fred Somers with some of his paintings currently on display at the James Gang HideAway. Fred’s got a class starting next week, “Instruction in oil and pastel.” See his website for details.

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The Ole Store (left and center) and the Goodbye Blue Monday both are displaying steamroller prints from ArtOrg’s Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) exhibit.

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  1. Ross said:

    Hey Griff:

    Yeah, it was either last month or the month before where I counted up well over a dozen different spaces in Northfield where art was exhibited. It certainly contributes to the character of our community.


    January 12, 2007

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