Podcast: special investigator Ed Settera on Northfield City Hall matters

Locally Grown hosts Locally Grown has hired Ed Settera, our own special investigator to look into all the issues at Northfield City Hall. He appeared on our show today to discuss some of his findings.

For security reasons, he asked that we not show his face in the photo.

Warning! Some of the language used on this show is R-rated. Listener discretion advised.

We also had our first advertiser for the show. See the text of the ad that aired below.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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  1. David Ludescher said:

    Way too funny!!

    October 31, 2007
  2. Jessica Paxton said:

    Call it a hunch, but me suspects that Mista Edsettera has a doppleganger that works here in the bowels of the bookstore at Carleton…….

    Great show!

    November 1, 2007

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