Another outdoor dining spot in Northfield: Spring Creek Grille

Outdoor patio at Spring Creek Grille Outdoor patio at Spring Creek Grille
Robbie and I had dinner on the outdoor patio at Spring Creek Grille last night, a first for us. No, we’re not members of the Northfield Golf Club.

April Nfld News:

Spring Creek Grille held its grand opening on Tuesday night. It’s not exactly a new restaurant in town — Northfield Golf Club’s restaurant has a new name and new menu items this spring. Chip Ferlaak, general manager and director of golf at Northfield Golf Club said that it’s something he’s been thinking about since he began working there in December. He said that people don’t necessarily realize that the restaurant is open to the public.
“The connotation is that it’s private golf, private dining when in fact it’s not,” he said. The hope is that separating the restaurant’s identity from the club’s and marketing it on its own will help to clear up the confusion. He said that this has been a trend in the industry. Some clubs are not open to the general public, so there can be a misconception that the courses or restaurants are private. At Northfield Golf Club, both the course and restaurant are open to the public.

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